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Strawberry Picking with Kids


Strawberry picking with the kids is one of my all-time favorite spring activities. Every May, I stalk the “Pick Your Own” online calendar of our favorite local farm and dream of the day when we get to gorge ourselves on fresh strawberries. This May will be our 4th year going to the same place to pick strawberries (as well as peaches, blackberries, apples and pumpkins) and I love that my kids are familiar with the orchard…

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Welcome to Run Wild My Child


HELLO THERE! Hi and welcome to RUN WILD MY CHILD, your one-stop shop for all things kid-friendly and outdoorsy. This website is dedicated to getting kids (and parents) outside and back into nature, one adventure at a time. Whether it’s through family travel, nature crafts, forest school lessons or outdoors games and activities, we know that kids are happiest and learn best when they’re outside, exploring and getting their hands dirty.

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