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For today’s Friday Favorite post, I want to introduce you to an incredible little shop called Peri Co (Peri Cotton). Founded by two sisters and best friends, Tori and Cydne, in the tropics of Hawaii, Peri Co specializes in beautiful muslin swaddle blankets for babies. The blankets are soft, luxurious and come in a variety of gorgeous colors and prints. My dear friend Laura, photographer, blogger and extraordinary mom of trio of gorgeous boys, tested out a few Peri Co swaddles on her newest addition, Baby Kane, and is here to share her review with you.

Peri Co (Perrenial Cotton) bamboo muslin swaddles

Hi, I’m Laura of I am thrilled to share the small shop, Peri Co, with you all today.  They have beautiful products with a minimalist style that I just love.  Plus, I love that the company is a family business, run by two sisters based in Hawaii, that share similar values to myself and Run Wild My Child.  They are all about fostering a love for nature and adventure in our children.  What’s not to love about that?!

Peri Co (Perrenial Cotton) bamboo muslin swaddlesPeri Co (Perrenial Cotton) bamboo muslin swaddles

Bamboo muslin swaddles

Let me tell you about their swaddle blankets. They are THE softest blankets EVER, no joke! I’m on my third baby now, so I have a massive stock pile of swaddles. However, nothing even compares to the buttery-softness of their blankets. And straight out of the packaging no less! I always have one in my diaper bag, and the other two are floating around the house pretty much wherever baby goes.  Immediately after getting my hands on them, I decided this would be the swaddle I would wrap my newborn in right away!  And I certainly did!

Peri Co (Perrenial Cotton) bamboo muslin swaddles

I have the Vitamin Sea pack, which totally fits my style.  I love the subtle colors. And then there are those narwhals! I’ve oddly been obsessed with narwhals since I saw that cute little cameo in the movie Elf years ago.  My older boys are a big fan of this blanket, too. They often run off with it to make a narwhal fort or cape!  The swaddle blankets in our house don’t lose their usefulness once the swaddling stage is over.  Oh no!  Everyone loves getting cozy with one regardless of age (myself included).

Peri Cotton (Perrenial Cotton) bamboo muslin swaddles

Q&A with Tori & Cyd

We also had the chance to do a little interview with the owners of Peri Co, the gorgeous and talented sisters, Tori and Cyd. They were happy to share the story behind their shop and their mission, as well as some fun info about their lives, families and childhood.

Peri Co (Perrenial Cotton) bamboo muslin swaddles

(Tori on the left, Cyd on the right)

Tell us about you and your family

TORI – I grew up skiing and boating in the mountains of Utah. I met husband (Austin) in Hawaii where we both graduated from BYU-Hawaii (major was Peace Building, minor in Entrepreneurship). We both enjoy, climbing, surfing, spear fishing, crossfit, good food, speaking Spanish, and playing with our nieces and nephews. This summer we worked in Skagway, AK. and during the fall we’ll be traveling the world! While still working on Peri Co, of course.  I’m passionate about photography and videography and love to spread happiness through beautiful imagery.

CYD – I also grew up skiing and boating in the Utah mountains. I played college basketball at Utah Valley University and graduated with a degree in Health Education. I met my husband (Dallin) at the age of 7 –  we started dating in college, and are now married! We have a little boy, Mason, who will be 2 in December.  As a family, we love the beach, the pool, the park, playing tennis, peanut butter, dark chocolate, and spending time with friends and family.

How did the company get started?

Cyd wanted to be involved in something that would allow her to learn and grow in an area that was new to her. She felt stagnate with life. So Cyd talked to her younger (but smarter) sister, Tori, who introduced her into the world of entrepreneurship. Cyd loved the idea and recruited Tori because she knew she would need her brains and her talent. Plus, the sisters have not lived closed to each other in several years, this was a way for them to work on something together and communicate often.

Peri Co (Perrenial Cotton) bamboo muslin swaddles

What is your favorite product in your shop and why?

Definitely the Sage Bamboo Muslin Swaddle Blanket (pictured above). All you have to do is feel the blanket and you’ll see why this is my favorite. We have a hard time making blankets with any other material because we love these so much!  Just soooooo soft. These blankets are big enough for a nursing cover, car seat cover, tummy time, fort building, you name it! The sage color on these blankets looks so good to me!! And its gender neutral, its a win win. I just love the color!

What is your favorite outdoor activity to do with your kids/family?

Beach time! We are partial to Hawaii beaches because they are above and beyond beautiful, but we love any beach with sand and waves to play in. We also love hiking to a mountain top, looking down at a beautiful view.

Peri Cotton (Perrenial Cotton) bamboo muslin swaddles

What advice do you have for parents that want to get outdoors with their kids more?

Sometimes life happens and we have to be patient and a little creative. It’s not always easy to make it to the beach, for a hike or even to the local park. My advice it to take what you can get, and make it count! My high school basketball coach always shared a quote: “If you really want to do something you’ll find a way, if not, you’ll find an excuse.”

This doesn’t mean you have to take your kids on an amazing trip every month. That’s not realistic for most of us. Some days all you may be able to do it collect rocks from your backyard, but make the most of it! Have your kiddos count the rocks, make a smiley face with them, name them, or just throw them! Whatever you can make work for the day, just do it. Make spending time with your family outside a priority and more opportunities will present themselves. It is always fun to find adventures buddies as well. Find another parent who has the same desires as you do!

Peri Co (Perrenial Cotton) bamboo muslin swaddlesFostering a love for the outdoors

While swaddle blankets for babies may not scream outdoorsy to some, Peri Co’s mission is all about fostering a love for the outdoors in our children. From Utah to Hawaii, it’s not hard to see why the sisters have a deep love of nature and adventure. The Peri Co blog features beautiful photography and focuses on getting families and kids outdoors.

Shop Peri Cotton

If you too want to wrap your baby in the butter softness of the best bamboo swaddle blanket ever, go check out the Peri Co website and shop.  This is a such a wonderful little company, with amazing owners and a fantastic mission. We love having the opportunity to support the women behind this venture and hope you will too!

Peri Cotton (Perrenial Cotton) bamboo muslin swaddles

Stay tuned to our Instagram feed – next week we’ll be giving away a $40 credit to the Peri Co shop! But if you can’t wait, go take a look around their website and snag a blanket or two for yourself or a friend. This would make a wonderful baby shower or Christmas gift for the new baby in your life!

Find Peri Co online

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