Once again, I’m so excited and honored to a contributor in the Twist Travel Magazine Fall 2017 issue! This is the third issue of the magazine since its launch this Spring and each issue just keeps getting better and better. It’s also a doozy – 84 pages of awesome content from some of the most amazing writers, bloggers, photographers, entrepreneurs and on-the-go moms.

Fall issue

The Fall issue of Twist Travel is jam-packed with wild and colorful travel stories and inspiration. From an African safari with kids, through a fashionable tour of Scotland and then over to India with some of the most flavorful Indian-inspired cuisine. There’s a spotlight on one of my favorite U.S. cities – Chicago, by neighborhood, complete with dining recommendations. Check out the wonderful article about how to take better travel photos of your family on your adventures. There’s a great piece from a high school classmate of mine (small world!) about “worldschooling” her four children on the road and around the globe. Plus, unique hotel recommendations (including a yurt), a pre-season ski guide, some fall fashion favorites, some decadent recipes and lots of great travel advice.

Campfire baked apples

My contribution to this issue is a recipe for one of our favorite fall treats, Campfire Baked Apples. Camping is one of our family’s favorite fall activities. We wait until the weather cools down and the crowds thin out before taking our troop camping. We’re actually planning a camping trip for next weekend, so this is perfect timing. While my husband preps the gear, I’m in charge of campfire cuisine and meals. There are so many incredible dishes you can make over a fire and everything is guaranteed to taste better after a day spent outdoors. Baked apples are the perfect fall camping dessert and can be tailor-made to suit any palate. S’mores are expected, but these granola-stuffed baked apples will elevate your cookouts to a whole new level. (sneak peek photo in the top left below)

The full issue of the magazine can be viewed or downloaded for free below. I hope you’ll check it out and let me know what you think! It’s such a wonderful collaboration and has been so much fun to be a part of.

In case you missed it, the Summer issue of Twist Travel Magazine can be found HERE.