We are always looking for contributors from across the globe with beautiful images and a unique voice to feature which will encourage and inspire our readers to get outdoors and back to nature with their kids. We are currently accepting submissions in the following categories: outdoor adventures, family travel, gear reviews and nature crafts. However, if you have an idea for a feature that doesn’t fall within one of these categories, please contact us to discuss a possible collaboration. We’re open to all ideas!


  • Photos or videos of any of the following:
    • an outdoor adventure (hiking, camping, skiing, biking, climbing, etc.) with kids
    • a kid-friendly trip/destination
    • review of gear related to kids/babies and outdoor activities/adventures/travel
    • nature-based crafts or educational activities
    • tips/tricks/tutorials on outdoor photography or taking photos of kids and family outdoors
  • A lengthy description of the activity with any relevant advice, tips, tricks, recommendations, etc.
  • Credits for all vendors involved
  • Detail shots
  • Photos at least 900 pixels wide (both vertical and horizontal)

If you’ve got an idea for a feature, send us an email: