30 Must Take Summer Photos of Kids

At the beginning of every season, the kids and I try to come up with a bucket list of things we want to do and places we want to visit over the next few months. Having a bucket list is a great way to get their input on their current interests and what’s important to each of them season by season. It’s also nice to have that list of things to do to refer to when we have a free day or weekend and need ideas when the boredom kicks in.

Our summer bucket list includes some activities that we can do at home or nearby, but it’s mostly a “wish list” of all the fantastic adventures we’ll take and trips we’ll make. It doesn’t necessarily take into account all the little details of summer life that I want to make sure get captured in images for the kids to look back on. Therefore, the photographer in me (or fauxtographer) also loves having a list of particular classic photos that I want to capture of the kids each season. My list is less location driven and more emotional driven. Of course I want images of the kids at the zoo and the amusement park, but even more, I want to make sure I get a shot of their smiles as they play in the sprinkler, the look of wonder when they catch a firefly, their dirty feet and scabbed knees at the end of a long summer day.

These seasonal must-take photo lists can be used year after year to capture the essence of the particular season and document how much the kids are growing each year. While the items on this list may not be specific places to visit or activities that are planned, each item is quintessential to summer and reminds me keep my camera out and help create memories for them that may not necessarily be at the top of a bucket list.

30 Must Take Summer Photos

1. Around a campfire
2. Eating ice cream/popsicles
3. Fishing
4. Riding bikes
5. Flying a kite
6. At the splash pad
7. Picking fruit
8. Playing Frisbee
9. Chasing butterflies
10. At the beach
11. Sidewalk chalk art
12. Picking flowers
13. Swinging
14. Playing in the sprinkler
15. In a tent (camping)
16. Catching fireflies
17. Blowing bubbles
18. Climbing a tree
19. Swimming
20. Playing in a creek
21. Watching fireworks/sparklers
22. Hiking
23. Having a picnic
24. Water balloon fight
25. Skinned knees/dirty feet
26. Watching a parade
27. Playing catch
28. At the farmer’s market
29. Eating corn on cob or watermelon
30. Running a lemonade stand

Can you think of any other classic “summer” images to include?